How to make a bamboo table lamp

While dallying at our local garden centre I came across an enormous piece of bamboo – 10ft long by 4in across – perfect for making lamps thought I.  So I sawed it up into 15in lengths and decided to make it look like Chinese laquer work – here it is:


Here is how to do it:

You will require:

bamboo, matt black paint, gold size, gold leaf, varnish, cork floor tile, light fitting & shade

  • First find your bamboo!
  • drill a hole for the wire to come out at the bottom
  • paint the bamboo black – any matt black paint
  • draw on your design with a white chinagraph pencil – you could simply draw leaves tracing round real ones
  • where you want the gold leaf to go paint gold size
  • apply the gold leaf – it will stick to the size and the rest can be gently brushed off (but keep it carefully and anywhere it hasn’t stuck even tiny bits can be press over)
  • give it a coat of varnish
  • cut out circles of cork floor tile for the top and bottom
  • screw the light fitting to the top and put the wire down inside the bamboo and out of the hole you have drilled at the bottom
  • put on the shade, plug it in – done!!

Behind the lamp you can see my take on de Gournay wallpaper.

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One Response to How to make a bamboo table lamp

  1. Tell us how you went about making the wall paper

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