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Chickens, Turkeys & Eggs

I have rather a lot of hens – all in the interest of research you understand!  For my book The Illustrated Guide to Chickens I hatched, either with an incubator or a broody hen, just as many different breeds as I could … Continue reading

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A beautiful bird’s nest

Its spring at last and the birds are nesting.  Here is a Long Tailed Tit’s nest, so beautifully made with moss and lichen, but sadly if I can see it so can the Magpies and I fear for these little … Continue reading

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The Curlews are here again

Its not only flowers appearing and leaves bursting forth that tells me its spring at last.  Its the bird song I hear, like the Chiffchaff and Cuckoo.  We live near some boggy fields that always used to have Curlews nesting … Continue reading

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Unique idea for a chandelier

For some reason I’ve always longed for a chandelier but somehow they were always too small or too expensive.  Why not make your own, I thought.  Sadly I couldn’t make the actual light fitting so that had to be bought. … Continue reading

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You don’t have to be an artist to create a work of art…

You can create a work of art from anything.  If the Tate buys piles of bricks and unmade beds, why not a heart made of moss?  Simply let your moss dry out a bit, then glue it to a piece … Continue reading

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Have you heard a Chiffchaff?

Have you heard a Chiffchaff yet with its distinctive song?  This amazing little bird weighing no more than 9 grams will have flown all the way from West Africa.  As yet no one knows how long they take or what … Continue reading

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Is it a fish or a pig?

The latest advance in farming science – an underwater living pig. ps: dont forget the date!

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