The Curlews are here again

Its not only flowers appearing and leaves bursting forth that tells me its spring at last.  Its the bird song I hear, like the Chiffchaff and Cuckoo.  We live near some boggy fields that always used to have Curlews nesting – sadly for the last few years they haven’t been, but this week, oh joy, they are back with their wonderful bubbling song.  Here are a  collograph and linocut that I love by artists that I admire:


This is what is known as a collograph.  The artist has carved into a piece of card, stuck bits onto it and added other textures, then varnished the plate and printed from it. Hester Cox is a very talented collograph printmaker – you can see her website by clicking here.


This is a hand tinted linocut by Lisa Hooper – I think its gorgeous.

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One Response to The Curlews are here again

  1. These are both so gorgeous – how nice of you to share their work with us.

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