Chickens, Turkeys & Eggs

I have rather a lot of hens – all in the interest of research you understand!  For my book The Illustrated Guide to Chickens I hatched, either with an incubator or a broody hen, just as many different breeds as I could to paint the illustrations from (down below you can see some of the actual hens that appear in the book and also on my linen cushions) – as a result I get a wonderful selection of eggs:

I also hatched some turkeys as they appear in Ducks, Geese & other domestic Fowl – here is Mr Turk strutting his stuff – he spends all day like this doing his best to impress the hens.  He does have a wife – her egg is the large speckled  one in the photo above.

mr turk


He simply loves being photographed and poses patiently – isn’t he beautiful?

mr t head

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4 Responses to Chickens, Turkeys & Eggs

  1. It looks rather idyllic there, Celia, and I bet those eggs taste wonderful.

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  3. He is very beautiful! What amazing colours in the face!

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