Latest linocut – A Cacophany of Cockerels

Its so exciting, when you’ve spent days and hours cutting out a linocut, taking the very first print and finding out if it works or not.  I had planned for this one, which is on two pieces of lino, to be black on one side and red on the small extra piece on the right, but I think black works best in the end.  This is the largest one I’ve done.  It needs a few tweaks and then I’ll edition it.

A Cacophany of Cockerels

A Cacophany of Cockerels

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6 Responses to Latest linocut – A Cacophany of Cockerels

  1. It is beautiful, no question about it.

  2. Emma Lewis says:

    I LOVE this one. It is so lovely and I think I agree all black with the red combs work brilliantly.

  3. Oh Celia, that is so beautiful! I agree with you that black works best, with the red combs. It’s stunning.

  4. Heather Rhyne says:

    love the compostition

  5. Barbara Tyler says:

    Celia, can you ngive me the size & the cost of The Cockerels?
    Barbara Tyler

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