Mungo Mouse

An Illustrated Country Year is nearly on the bookshelves, meanwhile I’m thinking of the next – might it be a children’s book?  Firstly I have to create the characters so here are my initial attempts.  Any feed back gratefully received.

mouse36 copyNew baby copyAlgie in the nest copy

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6 Responses to Mungo Mouse

  1. My two cents for what it is worth is the color of the mouse. I wonder what a light grey would look like and then the pink inside the ears would stand out, as well as the nose.

  2. Looking forward to ‘An Illustrated Country Year’ with eager anticipation! I also think Mungo Mouse is charming and I love the use of hedgerow things for everyday uses, like the leaf boat and nut pram. How about a leaf canopy on the pram and toadstool table and stools?

  3. Sara Hulse says:

    So cute!! I’m hoping that Bloomsbury will send me a copy of ‘An Illustrated Country Year’ when it does appear…

  4. Emma Lewis says:

    I just love these – can’t wait to see the whole book!

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