French Flowers

I’ve been in France for a fortnight and the flowers were lovely.  They’ve had a very hot spell in the south and the flower that has flourished is Chicory.  The pretty blue flowers open and close at exactly the same time every day and it is the long tap root of this plant that can be roasted and turned into coffee (or that is the idea – whether it tastes of coffee at all is another matter)

flowers1 copy

Many of the other flowers seemed to be pink – and here are a few from my sketchbook:

flowers2 copy

My new book An Illustrated Country Year is now on the bookshelves and contains hundreds of similar style paintings.  Email me for a signed copy – or better still – stick a review on Amazon!!

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One Response to French Flowers

  1. These are lovely paintings. We have had chicory for months now blooming by the roadside, also sunflowers. Chicory is the closest thing to the color of the sky that I can think of.

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