The beauty of Wracks

I’m already thinking about my next title which I think will be similar to An Illustrated Country Year but will cover the seashore – maybe An Illustrated Coastal Year  although I prefer The Seashore Uncovered.  And although it has hardly been discussed and I don’t as yet have a contract, I can’t help doing some preliminary paintings – such a lovely subject especially for a dyed in the wool shellaholic.  In this painting there are 5 different types of Wrack – bladder wrack, egg wrack, serrated wrack, spiral wrack and an unamed type.  This book wont appear on the bookshelves until autumn 2015 – a great deal of patience is required!


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2 Responses to The beauty of Wracks

  1. It will be a beautiful book. This looks quite abstract although I know what wracks look like. Very beautiful and full of movement.

  2. I love the colour and movement in this painting. I do hope you get the contract for this book soon. Wracks are not a common subject for painting so this is unusual and all the more interesting for that!

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