The creation of an art work

As a watercolourist and linocutter I have been pondering how I can combine the two art forms . I visited the RWS Exhibition at Bankside, London and saw the amazing work of Brenda Hartill who had managed to incorporate embossing into her paintings – an idea was born. Why not emboss a linocut onto watercolour paper by damping it and putting it through the press un-inked and then stick part of a finished linocut onto the paper – it seemed like a good idea at the time!!

So this I did and as the watercolour paper was already damp I thought I would stretch it onto my board (this is damping the paper so it goes all crinkly and then taping it onto a board where it shrinks and is beautifully taut for painting on – should be called ‘shrinking’ rather than ‘stretching’ perhaps). You learn by your mistakes. By stretching the paper I pulled my beautiful embossing away and it became invisible – here you can still see it:
magnolias1 copy

So I decided to paint the missing parts of the pots:

magnolias2 copy

Then Magnolia seemed to be a suitable flower but I first had to cover the linocut where the petals would be with white acrylic ink:

magnolias3 copy

What to do about the background? Maybe paint on some wallpaper? No, too bitty – just leave it plain for now:

magnolia41 copy

The foreground – always a problem, something else is needed – why not chop out a teacup?

magnolia42 copy

Almost there – but can’t think how to do the rest – don’t want to make it too busy – eventually after much thought – there is nothing relaxing about painting, its hard work – I decided to just put in some random shadows and I think its done! (But I may go back and alter that dark stripe – I’ll live with it for a day or two and see).

magnolia413jpg copy

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3 Responses to The creation of an art work

  1. Love the final result – so much work and thought went into it!

  2. What a fantastic journey, I had race through the first read of this blog, as I could not wait to see what you would do next. I love this work, and your process is fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing. I also have done an embossing of one of my Lino cuts, but have not done anything with it yet. You have inspired me to have another look at them. Karen

  3. It’s a lovely painting. So thoughtful and interesting to look at!

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