How to make a driftwood lamp

Here is an excerpt from my book An Illustrated Country Year – nature uncovered month by month for August

Half the fun of making a driftwood lamp is hunting for the driftwood itself. Some beaches have a dearth of wood so you will have to find one where the tide washes it ashore. Driftwood comes ready sanded by the sea but when you get it home give it a rinse and soak it in a plastic bowl of water with bleach added to give it a lovely clean look and also to be sure there is nothing living in it.

You might choose a few large pieces, lots of small ones or a mixture. You can twist them round the stem or have them all facing one way in a vertical row, the choice is yours.

You will need:

A lamp with a tall narrow stem
Drill with smallest drill bit
Roll of florists wire

Drill a hole in the middle of each bit of driftwood, thread a small amount of wire through and attach it neatly to your lamp. As long as the pieces sit nicely together the wire will be invisible – what could be simpler?

And here is one I made earlier – amateur, but with a certain charm!
a lamp

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